Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nicolas Ghesquiere

Nicolas Ghesquiere, probably one of the most talented and innovative fashion designers of our time, is showing TODAY his first collection for LOUIS VUITTON. I am waiting for this show for months now, and although Ghesquiere has very large shoes to fill (Marc Jacobs'!), I believe it will be amazing - the future of fashion will walk down the runway today. 

These are only few of his amazing looks showed throughout the years while working at Balenciaga...One can only imagine what will happen at Vuitton today...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fall, I Do

I miss winter. There, I said it. I'm currently in Israel and it's so hot outside that it makes me miss the awful first American winter I had a few months ago in Philadelphia and New York. I was never a summer person, and the fact that we have incredible beaches in Israel never helped. Give me my coats and layers back and I’ll be the happiest person ever.

On that note I wanted to share with you the next winter fashion campaigns I loved. So there were the 2 kings - Prada and Celine. Each and every season they keep surprising me with a new breath taking aesthetic (though I know I will love them before even seeing them). 

And with that said, this season I found a few other campaigns that I loved, and what was special about me liking them is that they are totally out of my "comfort zone". They don't reflect my obvious taste and it makes me like them even more. 


No need to explain. It's just perfect.

Again, no need to say a word.

With explanation:


Because of the humor aesthetic and the tension it makes alongside the clothes and model.


Because of Daria of course (Werbowy, my favorite model) and because of this peaceful Parisian chic that is so typical Isabel Marant, but yet inventive each season.


Because they came out of their comfort zone and because it reflects a new and great sport-elegant aesthetic, and because it's 100% Carine Roitfeld (the campaign stylist and a god).


Because it’s blurry but not a cliché blurry, I love the clothes and I put my eye on model Marina Deleeuw for a long time now and it's nice to notice they agree.


Because supermodel Christy Turlington (she was there in the 90's, she will always be a super model) looks amazing at 44 and I thinks it's saying something great about fashion in general and maybe about the path fashion will take in the future. By the way, Turlington stared  the same campaign 20 years ago (!!).

and this is Turlington 20 years ago (just saying):


Because of the humor, again. But Alber Elbaz's (Lanvin’s designer) humor is always both sophisticated and sexy and celebrates the women’s body in such an amazing way. 


Because of the unexpected urban nature and model Stella Tennant (another one who was there also 20 years ago).

Final notes:
-Did you notice that there is something very pink in the pictures I chose?! I am totally a black-grey-white-blue kind of person…maybe something is happening to me…
-2 times Daria (in Celine and Isabel Marant) = obsession.
-2 times Christy Turlington (in Prada and Calvin Klein) = obsession.
-2 times photographer Steven Meisel (in Prada and Lanvin) = obsession.


Don’t think I forgot the Daria thing I promised to put at the end of every post. As I said, we had a lot of Daria in this post already, put I can always use some more.

I mentioned the word humor a lot today, so here is a big Daria smile on the cover of Vogue Paris, August 2013 issue. A smile on the cover, so beautiful and unexpected.

And if I mentioned the little pink obsession alert – here is Daria in a beautiful soft pink, from an editorial in Vogue UK September 2013 issue.

That's all. XOXO